Mixed Bag Monday: Spring

Maybe you remember how much I love fall. I do not love spring.

But I don’t hate it either. It’s a Mixed Bag.

There are some things that are nice about spring. We finally changed the clocks so it doesn’t get dark at noon anymore. Well, 3 pm. Ok, 5 pm. It now stays light out so long that I can drive home before sunset after going to Deep Water Exercise, which is still just as awesome by the way.

It’s also tolerable that plants are growing and things are getting green again. Although since winter was so anticlimactic, it’s not really that big of a difference.

Spring also means that the semester is almost over. I originally typed that sentence with the intention of it being another positive point about spring. But now I think it’s bad. It means that I don’t have a ton of time to finish writing my own papers and grading my students’ papers… I guess it also means that summer is coming, which is good I suppose.

I think what I hate the most is the weather. Spring weather is the worst of all weathers. Can “weather” be plural? Let’s pretend it can. Spring usually means rain and humidity. And apparently here it means temperatures in the 80s and constant humidity. I’ve been using my air conditioning for 3 weeks to keep my apartment in the 70s. Miserable.

Another wonderful discovery about spring here is the sudden appearance of fruit flies in my office. I don’t know where they come from or where they hide, but as soon as I open my lunchbox, at least 40 5 of them dive-bomb hover around my lunch. It’s super weird and kind of gross. I clean my desk pretty frequently, and we don’t even keep a garbage can in there. On the other hand, I don’t have any idea if anyone has ever washed the floor or the fridge or the microwave… Now that I say that, I’m surprised we don’t have live animals in there. …that I know of.

The more I write about this, the less I think spring is a Mixed Bag. I really don’t like it. What do you like about spring?


One thought on “Mixed Bag Monday: Spring

  1. Josh says:

    I like the fact that it isn’t grey constantly anymore. 🙂

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